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Integrity: Do You Have It? by Dennis AuBuchon

Integrity: Do You Have It?

by Dennis AuBuchon

284 pages
Integrity, honesty and character are important in society today.

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About the Book
This book presents the definition of integrity, discusses the characteristics and includes information about various segments of society such as education, job integrity, integrity in the news, personal and real estate among others. The book brings the subject of integrity to the individual level and provides various segments of society and how integrity has or can impact our lives through actions of others. It provides examples of situations and presents options as to how a person could react in specific situations to protect their integrity. The book also explains how you can evaluate the level of integrity in the people you meet on a daily basis for integrity. Some examples are noted below:

Use the criteria to evaluate car repair service
Evaluate yourself for integrity
Use examples to determine action in specific situations
Evaluate corporate actions
Evaluate political activity
Read how integrity affects education, politics and quality and integrity
Evaluate all the information you see or hear on a daily basis.

In today's fast paced business world sometimes important things are forgotten. Integrity is one of these things. People often forget how important integrity is in business, education, and life in general. This book covers the subject of integrity by identifying its place and meaning in society. The subjects covered in this book include character, honesty and truthfulness, among others. Also discussed are the social and moral integrity and how they impact us daily. Applying integrity to society, along with business ethics in place in society will provide a unique perspective not addressed in other publications. This book provides a common ground on which to measure individuals and organizations on the subject of integrity. Integrity in society today is constantly in the news. Let this book provide the criteria to you, the reader, to measure the integrity of others. Do you have personal integrity? Read the book and draw your own conclusion. Because when it comes to business and life, the most important issue is integrity...DO YOU HAVE IT?


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About the Author
Dennis worked for 35 years and has seen the both the lack of integrity and the existence of it. He has also signed a business ethics pledge. Published articles include integrity in education, auditing and management.



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