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Overcoming Infidelity Book One - Intervention and Protection Phases by Penny R. Tupy

Overcoming Infidelity Book One - Intervention and Protection Phases

by Penny R. Tupy

68 pages
Understanding what to do when your partner is having an affair

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Category: Self Help:Relationships
About the Book

Overcoming Infidelity is a revolutionary approach to affairs. Tupy draws on the studies of the biochemical processes of love, mating, pairing, and addiction to create understanding of how affairs happen – even in really good marriages. She draws the parallel between addictions and affairs and takes the stance that affairs are addictions. This parallel sets the stage for putting together strategies that address the affair head on.

Seeing affairs as addictions rather than love stories clears away the emotional cobwebs and allows the reader to begin a journey of empowerment. The steps for addressing a mate’s affair successfully are often counter intuitive and terribly frightening. Overcoming Infidelity takes the reader by the hand offering emotional support and intellectual understanding of the process.

Overcoming Infidelity speaks to the heart. Tupy’s personal and professional understanding of infidelity gives her an exceptional view from which to offer support, hope, and guidance along with an intellectual understanding of the dynamics of infidelity. As a marriage coach specializing in infidelity Tupy sees first hand what works and what doesn’t work. As a spouse who has played on every side of the infidelity triangle she’s lived the emotional rollercoaster.

Tupy offers the unique perspective of compassion for all sides of the infidelity triangle. Rather than moralizing and judging she takes the view that affairs harm all involved, including the affair partner and the straying spouse. She believes the most compassionate and ethical directives require that we leave anger and judgment behind and act from a place of dignity and respect.

Overcoming Infidelity is a guidebook. Included are the steps, the whys and the hows, of intervening in a spouse’s affair along with the exclusive concept of Protection Phase as a way to save a marriage and heal the soul. This book will make the reader reexamine conventional beliefs about love, compassion, and personal empowerment.


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About the Author
Penny R. Tupy is a professional marriage coach and the founder/director of SYMC, a multi faceted marriage advocacy organization. She is the visionary behind Marriage Fidelity Day which celebrates remaining true to the promises of marriage. Her passion is creating a world where children are loved, nurtured, and safe, and believes the best place for that to happen is within secure and loving families.



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