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The Legend of Killer Noon by David Daly

The Legend of Killer Noon

by David Daly

236 pages
A Celtic American myth. A Celtic Chieftain and his Druid counselor arrive in 1990's Manhattan. An assimilation adventure begins and the travelers wrestle with the mob, time, politicians, the media, and their own gods before the surprising conclusion. A vivid, poetic novel.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
About the Book
As we made our way up the road we saw people and shapes moving around us as if we were in a dream. None of it seemed real. As we left the treacherous sea further and further behind us, we adjusted our eyes, ears, and noses to the hum of the lights, sounds, and smells before us. The center of the town was straight, perpendicular to the road we had walked up from the beach. On each side of the main road there was a rectangular block of dwelling, with large windows and glass doors spaced regularly. Each door, or every other window had a sign with Latin lettering over it, some of the words seemed familiar. People went in and out of the doors from the road. Enclosed metal carts, without horses, ran to and fro on the road.

Kilty was so excited by all the motion he could hardly keep from sprinting out into the middle of the road. Not a worry in his head, it would seem, no concern that the people of the place would capture us.

We were intruders, I felt, and we had stolen lothing, and we were unarmed. We would surely be captured. Where we came from strangers were not trusted and they were never unnoticed for as long as we had been so far.

We later discovered the town was called Long Beach, and I will never forget that first day on Long Island. I tried to hold Kilty back, reminded him that we should proceed cautiously, look for food first (we were still nearly starved, trembling and sick), and find our bearings after. Though he was headstrong and impulsive, Kilty was not unintelligent, and he struggled to calm his impulses and listen to me. His wild eyes relaxed, and he settled back on his heels to wait. We could no longer smell the salt water that was just a ten-minute walk away and it seemed we had come a great distance in coming from the ocean to the middle of the town.



About the Author
Dave Daly lives and works in Syracuse, NY where his friends and family fully occupy his time. He has Master's degrees in Creative writing and Multicultural Counseling and has published poetry in several magazines. The Legend of Killer Noon is his first novel.



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