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Pegasus: the Introduction by Christine A. Distler

Pegasus: the Introduction

by Christine A. Distler

84 pages
Fantasy adventure for children seven to ten.

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Category: Fiction:Children
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About the Book

The days are getting shorter and the leaves are beginning to turn colors. It is late September, and seven-year-old Carolyn is struggling to cope with a new school, indifferent classmates, and a teacher who does not understand her. Receiving no support from her stepbrothers or stepfather, she withdraws. Her mother, Rose, tries desperately to reach her, but finds trying to blend the two families difficult.

Feeling lonely and misunderstood, Carolyn reaches out and discovers a world where horses can fly, cat-like creatures converse, half-bred beings do battle, and misfits find true worth.

The journey Carolyn takes is as breathtaking as her imagination. She travels to a world that no human has ever seen. There she discovers beings that prove worthy of defending. In this world, she must use all her strength and courage to battle the evil forces that seek to destroy those who are labled misfits. When the journey ends, she will discover that in helping others she has learned to help herself.



About the Author
Christine A. Distler, a student of anthropology and philosophy, strives to create stories with moral issues that give a voice to those who have been shouted down. Currently, she is in the process of writing a sequel to Pegasus and a nonfiction book about Memphis music.



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