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Red Tide by TG Browning

Red Tide

by TG Browning

344 pages
dark fantasy horror supernatural occult Indians Oceanside Oregon magic runes

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
The sudden death of partner Kevin McKinley has left security consultant Pam Whitby with no clear future, that is, until she is confronted with a desperate situation in the coastal community of Oceanside. While finishing dinner at The Beach Restaurant, she witnesses the brutal murder of four teenagers by a monstrous supernatural figure which disappears into the sea. Pam discovers that her enemy is an ancient one, a demon spirit called Maker of Night who has fed on humanity for centuries, corrupting and consuming souls, nearly destroying the indigenous Tillamook tribe.

Pam manages to save the soul of one potential victim, Casey Nugent and in the bargain gains a staunch ally. They soon learn there is much more at stake than their own lives, when they discover that their enemy can twist reality itself. Casey's existence begins to disappear as all traces of his life are erased. Even his family no longer remembers him!

The only hope for defeating the Maker is the elusive and mystical figure called the Shaper of Day, a spirit construct of the Tillamook Indians. There is just one problem - the Shaper is dead! Without her partner Kevin's knowledge of the occult, it will take more than Pam's deadly skills to put an end to the supernatural battle which began over two hundred years ago. Not only are lives and souls at stake but the very fabric of reality!

Red Tide is a fast-paced tale of both mystery and dark fantasy. Against a detailed backdrop of Oregon coast history, Browning weaves a tight narrative with a unique imagination that sweeps the reader along a twisting path to a dark climax in which the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water combine with the strange magic Pam discovers within herself.

Red Tide is the long awaited sequel to Wired, forming the second of a loose trilogy. In the series, Browning combines science fiction, dark fantasy and mystery seamlessly, giving the occult and supernatural fantasy a framework of logic, laws and reason.



About the Author
TG Browning lives in Salem, OR with his family and pets, works currently for ODOT in a outcome-oriented job position which means he supposed to look for problems and solve them. Sometimes he managed to do both. He is the author of Caught Dead & Other Catastrophes (also from RDD Publishing) and Wired, a companion volume to Red Tide.



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