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Superfast Weight Loss for Women by Dean Geddes

Superfast Weight Loss for Women

by Dean Geddes

88 pages
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About the Book

Superfast Weight loss for Women will show you the fastest and easiest way in the universe to lose weight. It has been written for those of you who simply want to know which foods you should be eating, which foods you should avoid eating and the correct way to exercise for maximum weight loss.

The author uses his unique ‘2 fuel tanks’ theory of weight loss to explain in simple terms the process of weight loss and how easy it is to achieve. Understanding how weight loss works makes it a lot easier to make the right decisions. You could have the ideal diet but if you don’t structure your exercise correctly you will not get the weight loss results you deserve. Likewise, you could do all the exercise but if your food choices are wrong you will not lose much weight. The ‘2 fuel tanks’ theory of weight loss will have you burning fat every time you exercise, resulting in quick and significant weight loss.

With Superfast Weight Loss you don’t need to count calories or grams of fat. Instead you are encouraged to think of food in terms of its usable-energy content. There are 3 comprehensive food lists that tell you which foods promote weight loss, which foods prevent weight loss and which foods to restrict. There are 5 detailed menu plans that you can follow straight from the book that have been proven to drop the pounds fast. There are over 50 different meal and snack suggestions as well as techniques to prevent boredom with your food. There are 9 different weight loss workouts and a big section on how to stay motivated, including how to break those bad eating habits. With the 90:10 rule you can still eat chocolate or cake - you do not have to give up your treats! You can still regularly enjoy a glass of your favorite wine.

Superfast Weight Loss for Women is written by a university qualified nutritionist who is also a certified personal trainer with over 17 years experience in prescribing diets and exercise programs. The author has personally taken his own body fat to extremely low levels and competed successfully at national level bodybuilding competitions. Drawing on his vast experience, he shares with you the fastest way possible to drop pounds and dress sizes. Thousands of clients have benefited from his in-depth knowledge on nutrition and exercise - now it’s your turn.

Adhering to the recommendations in this book will set you up for a lifetime of correct eating habits which will have you feeling healthy and fit and full of energy and vitality!



About the Author
Dean Geddes has been working as a professional nutritionist and personal trainer since 1994. He has helped thousands of people to lose weight fast and regain their health and vitality. There is no one more experienced in writing successful weight loss diets and exercise programs than Dean Geddes.



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