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Just a Whisper Away: A Book of Faith for a Time of Healing by Darleen Hurbace

Just a Whisper Away: A Book of Faith for a Time of Healing

by Darleen Hurbace

120 pages
The inspirational account of one person's triumph over adversity.

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Category: Self Help
About the Book
The doctors had never before seen a condition like the one that was killing 23-year-old Darleen Hurbace. Excess spinal fluid was mysteriously building, building, building in her brain. The signs screamed brain tumor--bad enough news in itself--but worse yet was the ultimate diagnosis: a lethal condition that mimics a brain tumor, and for which there was no known treatment.

With no actual tumor to remove, how would the doctors stop the overproduction of spinal fluid and relieve the crushing pressure inside Darleen's cranium? Essentially, how would they save her?

Saying that she "only had one chance in a million to survive," Darleen's doctors advised the young mother to go home and get her life in order. However, Darleen had other ideas and told her physicians that she wasn't going anywhere, all they had to do was what they did best, and with God's help, she'd do the rest. She prayed for the strength it would take to survive the ordeal and raise her precious daughter, and today, she and her husband of 38 years, Paul, are the young grandparents of two and are the proprietors of an award winning skin care clinic and spa.

After many of Darleen's friends, clients, family--even her doctors--repeatedly asked her how she remained strong, happy and fulfilled despite enduring years of poor health, she decided to tell her story in order to help others. This book is a collection of Darleen's thoughts and experiences, as well as the words of faith, encouragement, inspiration and comfort that she reached for over the years.

Though Darleen draws her strength from God, Jesus Christ and the scriptures, she wrote the book for people of all cultures, religious traditions and spiritual beliefs, since faith is the one thing that all diverse teachings have in common. Darleen's faith in God not only helped her to survive, but how to thrive, how to let her worries take a back seat to the faith that she would get through this, and how to nurture herself as well as others, including her own doctors.

Though she still faces ongoing medical problems, Darleen feels that life is about hope, about facing challenges and overcoming them, and about living life to the fullest each and every day.

Just a Whisper Away recounts Darleen Hurbace's harrowing story, and how love and enduring faith in God helped her overcame impossible odds.



About the Author
Darleen Hurbace Thirty years after doctors told her that a rare neurological disorder would cause her death, Darleen Hurbace continues to live, work and inspire others with her faith, compassion and humor. Despite continuing health challenges, she not only helped others as a hospice volunteer, but established an award-winning skin salon and day spa in Somis, California, where she lives and works with her husband, Paul.



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