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The Gentleman's Guide to the Fountain of Youth by Wolfgang Esterhazy

The Gentleman's Guide to the Fountain of Youth

by Wolfgang Esterhazy

124 pages
Maintain youthful libido, sexual function, cardiovascular, bone, muscle, overall health.

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Category: Health
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About the Book

This work explains what happens inside men's bodies as they go from youth to mature men. Certain biochemicals increase and others decrease, with results that degrade their youthful vigor, libido, confidence and sex function. So the question arises as to whether anything can be done to restore, maintain and tune the male machine to have more youthful performance for work, recreation, athletics, sexual function and daily activities.

SOMETHING CAN BE DONE! This is exactly what the book addresses as it explains why and how. Those men who follow the simple health program will have a new more vigorous life with more energy and confidence and higher quality of life.

The book details what the author learned and experienced in his studies and experiments on himself after he encountered prostate problems. The options and risk of cancer as explained by medical doctors was grim and they differed on some of their advice. They all agreed that to prevent prostate cancer would ruin his sex life, which he felt would degrade the quality of his life. He decided to be responsible for his own health and studied relentlessly and tried many herbs and foods on himself in addition to exercise. Finally he found how to restore the male machine in a fairly simple manner. This book is his explanation.



About the Author
Wolfgang Esterhazy Wolfgang Esterhazy is the pen name of a university professor in the Western U.S. He has many publications in science and technology, including a book, several chapters in other books, and dozens of articles in research journals. He is most interested in solving real world problems.



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