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Life and The Whistle - A Young Athlete's Guide for Effective Living by Michael Levesque

Life and The Whistle - A Young Athlete's Guide for Effective Living

by Michael Levesque

156 pages
Stories that help connect sports and life for young athletes.

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Category: Sports
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About the Book

What is the reason a youngster should participate in sports? So they can learn to throw a ball? Make a shot? Catch a pass? While these skills are all well worth mastering, most parents encourage sports participation - and most young athlete's willing comply - in the hopes of learning a bit more than simply how to play the game. There exists a real desire to learn about life, and, more importantly, about one's self.

While youth sports provide a wonderful learning environment, many times it is not until years later that the athlete can stand back and say, "I realize now I learned that lesson by participating in sports." What if the young athlete's understanding of the connection that exists between life and sports could be awakened and explained now - right now - while the young athlete is still active?

Life and the Whistle takes a fresh perspective on youth sports and provides a clear roadmap for young athletes on how to translate sports experiences into life long lessons. A gifted story teller, Mike Levesque takes his real life coaching experiences and in an easy to read format, paints pictures for the young athlete through short and enjoyable stories that clearly demonstrate the connection between sports and life.

Coaches and parents can benefit, too, in considering the athletic activities that they or their children are involved with from this unique perspective and using the methodology presented to broaden the athletic experience for any player or child.

Some lessons that Life and the Whistle explores:

The basis for good decision making!

The greatest strength that most young athletes never know they have available!

How winning can sometimes mean losing! (And losing can mean winning!)

The biggest self imposed obstacle to any young athlete?s personal success!

How to solve life's little problems!

The written and unwritten responsibilities we have to each other!

Listen to what other youth coaches are saying about Life and the Whistle:

"...a wonderfully enjoyable book..."

"Mike has written a sports book which all kids can relate."

"I wouldn't hesitate to have my players read this book."

Consider helping the young athlete in your life achieve the maximum benefit from their athletic experience by having them read Life and the Whistle today!



About the Author
Michael Levesque has been involved in youth sports for over 20 seasons having coached basketball and football for school and town teams, always on a volunteer basis. He is a graduate of UCONN and resides in Putnam, CT, along with his wife Susan and children, Briana, Rick and Michael.



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