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THURSDAY'S CHILD & THE QUEEN OF SWORDS: A Flora & Shamus Large Print Mystery by Rosalie Stafford

THURSDAY'S CHILD & THE QUEEN OF SWORDS: A Flora & Shamus Large Print Mystery

by Rosalie Stafford

444 pages
Flora Dimopoulos & Shamus Fitzmorris mystery caper

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book

In search of a thesis topic, Flora Dimopoulos, graduate student in Folklore, takes a job at psychic hotline. Her fellow phone-psychics on the graveyard shift are a strange crew - could they be on drugs? Indoctrinated in cultural relativism, Flora doesn't want to be judgemental, but still ...

Kyra, professional sex-worker and law-student, drowns in her bath. Her law-office boss, Linda, stumbles upon evidence that Kyra's death might not be an accident, and turns the problem over to her old friend, PI Shamus Fitzmorris.

Brenda, Kyra's boss at the call-girl agency, is frantic. She is sure that a Vice cop has murdered Kyra. Brenda calls the psychic hotline to learn the truth. Flora takes on the job of finding out who killed Kyra.

Sparks fly when Flora and Shamus meet and find that they have more in common than an interest in solving the mystery of Kyra's death. Along the way, the most glamorous sleuth-couple since Nick and Nora Charles encounters phony psychics, crystal meth addicts, corrupt lawyers, and things that go bump in the night.

Comic mysteries are rare - this darkly hilarious caper will have you laughing out loud as you follow the clues to try to figure out who killed Kyra.



About the Author
Rosalie Stafford Rosalie Stafford is founding publisher of Web Mystery Magazine; she lives in San Diego and teaches college composition. A trained folklorist, she has conducted fieldwork in milieus as varied as the world's first psychic hotline, San Diego's sex industry, the homeless population, and the sub-culture of tow-truck drivers.



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