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Lose Fat, Not Faith: A Transformation Guide by Jeremy Likness

Lose Fat, Not Faith: A Transformation Guide

by Jeremy Likness

300 pages
A holistic guide to permanent fat loss through lifestyle changes

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Category: Health:Weight Loss
About the Book

What if you could wave a magic wand and suddenly look into your mirror to find the lean, healthy body you've always dreamed of smiling back at you?

What if you could stop falling out of breath when you tie your shoes, and instead have the energy to keep pace with your own children? What if you had the confidence and self esteem to pursue your dreams?

It's not as easy as waving a wand, swallowing a magic pill, or snapping your fingers ... but if you feel it is difficult or impossible, it's time you experience the keys to releasing your fat and embracing your faith. It's time you join those around the world who have overcome obstacles and triumphed through the power of International Health Coach Jeremy Likness' expert advice contained within Lose Fat, Not Faith: A Transformation Guide.

Lose Fat, Not Faith is an extensive guide to total health.

Unlike most guides of this type, this book takes a more balanced approach by looking at motivation to change one's lifestyle as well as the commonly studied aspects of diet and exercise. Moreover, instead of dictating one particular limited diet or exercise routine, the author sets out to teach the reader how to create such regimes that are tailored to his or her needs, wants and desires.

In the book you will discover some surprising insights regarding the quality of food. There is also an excellent section on exercise and weight training - helping you to push your body into fat burning mode.

This book is full of information to educate the reader and start him or her on a journey of self-exploration. The mass amount of information is presented in a straightforward gradually evolving format to reduce potential reader frustration and intimidation.

Intertwined in this program is the story of the author's personal journey from heartache to wholeness.

It's an inspirational real-life journal and manual of one person's journey - a journey of complete transformation.

If you're serious about facing your weight problems head-on, and beginning the transformation - then read this book and enjoy the journey.



About the Author
Jeremy Likness Jeremy Likness is a world-renowned Health Coach and motivational speaker. A Certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Performance Nutrition, Jeremy lost over 65 pounds of fat. Jeremy specializes in lifestyle changes with a unique approach to health and wellness that starts on the inside.



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