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Signature Energy Work: Accessing, Evaluating and Transforming the Personal Energy Field by Dr. Cora B. Llera

Signature Energy Work: Accessing, Evaluating and Transforming the Personal Energy Field

by Dr. Cora B. Llera

220 pages
Five steps to create a healing energy-work treatment.

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Category: Health:Medicine:Alternative Medicine
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About the Book

This book has a two-fold purpose: to change the paradigm for health and healing in our modern society by presenting a new paradigm, and to provide a pathway to follow in exploring this new paradigm. The book is directed to professional health-care providers as well as to any individual who finds himself on a self-healing journey.

The old paradigm, represented by our mainstream Western medical system, views the human body as a closed mechanical system where illness and problems are caused by something separate from the human mechanism, and which affects the body from the outside "world." Cures for the problem are sought from outside the human system, and treatment is performed "on," or administered "to" the patient, who is a passive recipient of medical care. This is an external path toward healing, in that both the cause of the problem and the tools for the cure come from "out there."

The new paradigm also includes an internal path, based on the view that the human being is part of an open system that includes the mind: a conscious, intelligent field of energy that extends beyond the realm of material reality, and is not measurable by standards of time, mass, and space. Illness and problems can originate at any level of the body-mind, and treatments are actively created by the patient from within the body-mind, using the tools of consciousness and choice.

Signature Energy Work is the result of the author's own exploration of the new paradigm. It combines the external path with the internal, creating an integrated pathway wherein the two parts complement and amplify each other. Signature Energy Work employs muscle-testin (a simple yes-no questioning mechanism), in combination with the SEWLINE (a framework of exploratory questions), to access the intelligence of the body-mind. The information gleaned is then integrated with energy-work techniques to create a healing treatment.

This book discusses each of these three tools - muscle testing, the SEWLINE, and energy-work techniques - in detail, as they are the basic components of Signature Energy Work. The book is meant to be a teaching tool for the professional healer as well as the individual lay person to learn Signature Energy Work: to examine it understand it, and master it. However, just as Signature Energy Work itself is the integration of the author's own healing experiences and philosophies, the reader is encouraged to use the book as a starting point for the examination of his own healing background, beliefs, and interests, and then create his own healing pathway.



About the Author
Dr. Cora B. Llera Dr. Cora B. Llera is a chiropractic physician in private practice since 1985, in both California and Florida. Her work is the product of over 20 years of clinical experience, imposed on a background of over 40 years of spiritual and philosophical study.



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