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Seed Keepers of Crescentville by Jeanne Prevett Sable

Seed Keepers of Crescentville

by Jeanne Prevett Sable

248 pages
Small Vermont organic farming community rallies against giant biotech agribusiness

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About the Book

Fay Rezendes returns to her home town of Crescentville, Vermont with her spirited young daughter to heal from an ailing marriage. Crops grown in the uniquely-situated farming town seem immune to the genetic contamination sweeping the globe, until a marketing blitz by the regional director of the world's leading biotech seed and chemical corporation threatens to change everything. When the beloved little girl is stricken with a mysterious illness, the community rallies in a desperate attempt to safeguard their children and preserve the heirloom crops and old time breeds that have become the town's hallmark. Is it too late? And how hard must they fight?


This book is far from fanciful. It depicts real technologies--and the real resistance of increasingly teed-off people around the world.
- Bill McKibben, Former staff writer for The New Yorker, author of "The End of Nature", "The Age of Missing Information", "Hope, Human and Wild", and "Maybe One"
An ingenious combination of scientific foresight coupled with a mesmerizing storyline. Jeanne Sable's 'Seed Keepers of Crescentville' could have the same impact on the biotech industry as Rachel Carson's novel 'Silent Spring' had on the pesticide industry. 'Seed Keepers of Crescentville' is an instant thought-inspiring classic.
- Craig Minowa, Environmental Scientist, Organic Consumers Association
Jeanne Sable's book is a must-read. Set in the near future, it is a gripping science fiction (or not so fictional) tale that deals with an important issue of our time -- the risks of run-away genetic engineering. The story comes to life with down-to-earth characters in a small town setting. I couldn't put it down. Sable's writing and insights remind me of Barbara Kingsolver's work.
- Madge Strong, area coordinator, the GMO-free Mendocino County (CA) campaign
This novel highlights the question we all face daily -- Will science save us from ourselves? With compelling characters and an engaging story, Jeanne Sable asks us to take a hard look at the issue of biotechnology. The question of who should control our seeds is woven through the story, and left for us to answer in the end.
- Amy Shollenberger, Policy Director, Rural Vermont



About the Author
Jeanne Prevett Sable Jeanne Prevett Sable is an organic gardener, editor, and freelance writer specializing in farming and environmental issues, with hundreds of articles published in local, regional, and national publications. She has written environmental scripts for children's television, live puppet theater, and the Web. Seed Keepers of Crescentville is her first novel.



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