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Mike's Tips: Advice for Men Who Think Too Much and Do Too Little by Michael Ryan

Mike's Tips: Advice for Men Who Think Too Much and Do Too Little

by Michael Ryan

124 pages
Inspiring and practical self-help tips for men, by a man.

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Category: Self Help
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About the Book

Mike's Tips is written from a man?s perspective, FOR men. Despite living in a technologically advanced society with technical knowledge of all kinds broadly available, it is still relatively few men who have had the good fortune to learn from their parents, mentors, or others close to them how to thread the ins and outs of personal relationships, private problems and personal conundrums. And so it is no small task for men today to understand their place in the various arenas of modern life, so complicated have family, love, and social relationships become. Finding the best path through the conflicts, disagreements, and antagonisms encountered daily so as to achieve better understanding and restore harmony can be daunting. And so can deciding the best course of action or the most positive steps to take in any particular dilemma, whether personal or professional.

In Mike's Tips, the author shares his hard-won personal experience on many of these issues, suggesting things men can do to solve problems and get along better with friends, associates, and family. Mike Ryan has "been there" and has been able to address these issues in thoughtful, yet simple language that is accessible to all kinds of readers. Both private, internal problems and practical, physical-universe situations are addressed. The reader can think of a quiet hour spent with this book as a stop in a "self-service" station to adjust his attitudes and repair those funky self-centered modes everyone slips into now and then. Organized by subject headings, the tips can be browsed at random or read straight through. Each subject heading is followed by one or more "tips" on that topic.

Mike's Tips also shares inspirational ideas about living a more fulfilling and successful life--practically, spiritually, and morally. It explores ways of living and thinking that enhance the well being of your body, mind, and spirit of creativity. It also shows men how "doing and being better" does not automatically mean the end of all fun! Rather, Mike points out the many benefits and rewards that come from good behavior and putting others first. Women will want to buy this book for their men to help them "be better" and "do better" -- in all areas of life!

In our modern, complex and often cruel world, Mike's Tips shows men the way back to a more refreshing and positive human approach to life's challenges.



About the Author
Michael Ryan is a registered respiratory therapist/neonatal pediatric specialist practicing in Los Angeles hospitals. He and his wife, Judy, live in Venice, California. Besides writing prose and poetry, Mike's favorite activities include bicycling, surfing--and being with Judy. Now empty-nesters, they also enjoy their involvement in the community.



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