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Mercury's Child - Behaviour Change System by Warwick Dyer

Mercury's Child - Behaviour Change System

by Warwick Dyer

124 pages
The complete Behaviour Change System as seen on four Award winning TV Documentaries.

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Category: Family
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About the Book

The behaviour change system described in this book WORKS. I have never had a failure with my fee-paying clients who stuck to it - and nearly all did.

But my clients had daily monitoring from me. You will not.

If you start using the technical strategies in this book without carefully taking in the principles behind them you will not get the changes that you want and will become disillusioned. This system works. It appears simple; but don't throw it all away because you assume that you know what it is getting at without really reading it all. It will make wonderful changes to your family and your life so don't throw these away by impatiently starting to make these changes as you are reading it. If you have a partner both of you need to read it make your own notes and agree what you are going to do fully and only then set a day to begin your new regime.

Countless children are trapped in a cycle of bad behaviour. They gain a power in the home that is totally irresistible to them but which makes them miserable. Parents are completely mystified by what is going on and equally trapped. All this suffering is quickly and completely reversible. All this is described here with the detail that you need.

Every parent needs to know the techniques explained here and what is happening when behaviour breaks down but these pages do not provide a model for good parenting. If your parenting isn't broken don't fix it. This book is intended to help you understand and speedily change a spectrum of bad behaviour from mild to very serious and then maintain that change.



About the Author
Warwick Dyer Warwick Dyers revolutionary Behaviour Change astonished audiences with its success on four National TV documentaries. Backed by his unique experience in the analysis of home and classroom interactive behaviour, Warwick established The Behaviour Change Consultancy in 1997 expanding his work with parents and delivering training to a wide range of educational audiences.



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