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Living Proof by Belinda Yvonne Hughes

Living Proof

by Belinda Yvonne Hughes

59 pages
Miracles abound in the lives of seven Southern women.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
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About the Book

How does one woman survive domestic violence, four not-at-fault rear-end accidents in three years, a drive-by shooting, a total-loss car fire, two gigantic pileups, and more? How do four other women, all related but miles apart, survive deadly tornadoes on the same day? How do two women come to own free houses and free vehicles without winning the lottery? Living Proof, Belinda Hughes? debut nonfiction memoir, is a gathering of Divine Interventions in the lives of seven Southern women, including the author.

A very uplifting read, several places gave me goose bumps! It's always good to be reminded that there is more to our being on this plane than meets the eye if we just open our eyes. It struck me that this really was about every woman in that we all have the moments when we are saved by our faith- by our instincts- by our friends- by our loved ones. We all have those times when we are wounded by loss and betrayal. Times where we have to pick ourselves up and keep going and that is the sense I had of the women in this writing. They keep on going.

And what happened with that Sam woman????

-- G. W. Hampton

Strong, compelling stories make Living Proof a real page (or screen) turner. Belinda Yvonne Hughes will make you feel the passion and pain.

-- Rick Snider, president, 21st Century Online Publishing.

Once I started, I didn't want to stop. I think that we all have experienced miracles, and hearing about yours will encourage all of us to acknowledge and express our gratitude for our own.

-- Rev. Myron Jones

Your stories are powerful and compelling. Each is well written and concise, and you capture the emotions of the experiences. This is good writing. You engage the reader effectively, and bring inspiration and miracles into everyday life. I have read Living Proof cover to cover twice, and will read again. It is that good. Thanks for writing, carry on the good work.

-- David Mahen



About the Author
Belinda Yvonne Hughes is a poet and health/fitness freelance writer, who lives with her fur children, Stevie, Sweetie and Teresa in Louisiana. She is also a Louisiana-licensed, Texas-registered massage therapist and yoga instructor of 13 years' experience. Somes she sings 60's, 70's and Blues rewrites in church.



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