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Wicked Little Camp Story by Stan Mays

Wicked Little Camp Story

by Stan Mays

248 pages
Computer geniuses battle unseen forces at elite mountain summer camp.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
About the Book

An elite mountain summer camp for computer prodigies isn't what it appears to be!

Shy Cappella Birdson reluctantly travels to a Rocky Mountain summer camp seeking advice from master gamers on the computer game she has created, only to find that her first camp experience is a real-life game of life and death decisions.

It's a roller coaster ride of adventure, suspense, innocence lost, and confidence found. Cappella must overcome gnarly counselors, the elements, and unseen forces behind the exclusive camp founded by the camp's genius millionaire namesake, Googie, and the camp's headmaster, Mr. Hackamore.

Cappella and the high-strung gamers she bonds with discover the nefarious secret behind the camp's modus operandi and must act quickly to liberate themselves and hundreds of other campers before it's too late!

It turns out, this camp isn't anything like what the brochures said it would be.



About the Author
Stan Mays is an accomplished writer who penned numerous award-winning television, radio and magazine ads before discovering the joy of writing fiction. He and his family live in Houston, Texas - except in July, when Stan shuttles his kids to summer camp.



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