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Money Matters Plain & Simple by Mark E. Arnold

Money Matters Plain & Simple

by Mark E. Arnold

101 pages
A simple guide to gain control of your finances.

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Category: Business:Personal Finance and Investing
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About the Book

Money Matters Plain & Simple is just that! A down-to-earth guide anyone can use to improve their personal financial matters.

Whether you are just starting out, muddling along, or well on your way to meeting your goals, you will find this book has many ideas to help you. A whole range of topics are covered, and arranged in five distinct sections.

The section on basics covers the tools we all need to properly manage our finances. It is meant to focus on the important principles necessary to structure your finances, set goals, and think positively about your money.

The section on saving money impresses upon you to think differently about how, when and where you spend your money. You earned it - get the most out of the amount you spend.

The third section deals with risk management. How to protect what is already yours. Helps you form responsible ideals when it comes to your credit. This book explains how to get credit and how to use it to your advantage. An eye-opening chapter on paying bills shows you the best way to handle the way you pay for what you buy.

The fourth section covers the ways to grow your money to increase the likelihood you will meet your goals. It discusses your options for investing, saving for retirement and college. It gives you ideas for building a secure path toward your goals while offering protection should the unexpected happen.

The last section is about real estate - what to do when you buy or sell, and even tips on considering investing in rental properties.

This book is written in uncomplicated terms that all can understand. Applying the principles over and over on a daily basis will allow them to become habit. It does not matter if you make $15,000 a year, or $250,000 a year?nyone can benefit from the fundamentally sound principles outlined in this guide.

Money Matters Plain & Simple
will pay for itself in short order?uite possibly the first time you think about buying something.



About the Author
Mark E. Arnold Mark Arnold, a US Navy veteran, was raised with his two brothers by his single Mom. Armed with a high school diploma, he spent the last eighteen years honing the financial principles he discusses in the book. He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife Rita.



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