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Soccer Vs. Baseball. A comparative commentary on American major games against the backdrop of soccer by Mukand DT

Soccer Vs. Baseball. A comparative commentary on American major games against the backdrop of soccer

by Mukand DT

131 pages
Baseball,basketball,hockey,football and soccer are first compared and then ranked based on twenty criteria.

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Category: Sports
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About the Book

If you are a sports fan, most specifically a baseball or a soccer fan, this book is for you. If you love football,basketball or hockey you will find it very interesting as well.

In it the five most popular games in the world are directly compared, one-on-one, in a way and format unheard of before. They are compared and ranked in way such as the reader has almost no choice but to stay engaged, line after line, point after point.

It is really not possible for any person who loves sports to read the book and stay indifferent to the various positions taken in it. There is for instance the contention that baseball has more drama than any other sport in the world, including the other four in the book. How can anyone fail to take side? How about beauty? Which one of these five games is the most beautiful? And importance, is hockey less important in The US than football? Why? How about race? Is any of the five games a better sport with respect to improving racial harmony? Why? Is the Superbowl more prestigious than the Stanley Cup? Why? Which one of these two, the quaterback on one side, and the pitcher on the other, is most important? If you love sports, and simply love to read books, this one will not fail to captivate your mind. After all, there is also in this book a very small and hidden, yet powerful, portrait of America and Americans. Who can in good faith stay indifferent to all that?

The beautiful dance in this book between the five games has a purpose, namely, to find out why isn't soccer as successful in the United States as it is in the rest of the world. Another end, by implication only, is to try to understand why baseball and notably football, on the other side, are so weak as global games.

Buy it for yourself or for someone else as a great gift, in both cases you will not be disappointed.



About the Author
Mukand DT is a first time writer.



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