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The Attack of The Mustard Seed by John W. Cebrowski

The Attack of The Mustard Seed

by John W. Cebrowski

158 pages
A wisdom-filled story for any business leader, owner, or manager responsible for growing their top line.

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Category: Business:Marketing:Sales
About the Book
There are a few things - if done well - that can make you very, very successful. This applies to any profession. For any manager or business owner responsible for the 'top-line', for bringing in the revenue, ten such things are essential.

But this is not a traditional book to describe the essentials. This is a story.

The ten essentials are given memorable labels, tightly-packed with new ideas and processes, and the whole package lightly-wrapped in an enjoyable narrative to which you can easily relate. Substance dominates.

This is a how-to book. The story facilitates the how-to, role-playing execution of the essentials. The conversational delivery will put you in the same room with the story's inimitable main character, listening not only to what he does - but also to how he does it.

Beyond the ten essentials, the story's main character, Ol Bert, exhibits the personal traits of a high-performance executive. He's loaded with genuine and sensible messages woven into the dialogue, such as his spirit of teamwork, openness to ideas, high standards, and motivational skills. He is the quintessential manager - a wonderful role model.



About the Author
John, a consultant with The Thomas Group, has thirty three years of global management and consulting experience. He holds an MBA in Marketing Management from Northwestern University (Kellogg). He is the author of the highly-acclaimed, The Sales Manager's Troubleshooter, from Prentice Hall, '98.



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