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Talkin' Texan by Joe Kent Roberts

Talkin' Texan

by Joe Kent Roberts

340 pages
Talkin' Texan,Learning Texan from A to Z

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Category: Fiction:Humor
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About the Book

Grab your spurs, saddle up, and hold on tight for a rollicking, rip roaring ride thru the Great State of Texas. Yore gonna be rode hard and put away laffin', larnin' Texan and Texas Towns frum A tuh Z. Giddy-yup.

340 pages of pure Texas Humor from the Great State of Texas.

Well, partner, you may have thought that you just crossed a border or two, but you have entered a whole 'nuther country. You have ventured into the Great State of Texas and any resemblence between Texas and those Foreign States in the rest of America are purely coincidence.

Yup, The Republic of Texas was once it's own country and many Texans think it still is separate and distinctly different from the rest of these here United States.

Yep, we walk a lot taller, talk a little milder, love a lot better, and the Author will share many of the best kept secrets about his favorite Texas Towns from Amarillo to Zapata.

Talkin' Texan has a handy little dictionary so y'all can larn' how to understand, pronounce, and speak words just like a real live native Texan.

Yup, reading Talkin' Texan will be a life changing experience and y'all will never be the same ever again.

If y'all liked "Gone with the Wind", "Moby Dick", and "A Tale of Two Cities", then y'all are gonna love Talkin' Texan.



About the Author
The Author was found on the doorstep of Saint Anthonys' Church on Thanksgiving Day by Catholic Nuns. At the age of five the Author was adopted by a kindly ol couple from Hondo,Texas. The Author soon developed a love for Tourists, Traveling, and all things Texas.



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