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Make Your Own Brewer and Brew Compost Tea at Home! by Mary J. Tynes

Make Your Own Brewer and Brew Compost Tea at Home!

by Mary J. Tynes

34 pages
With a bucket and less than $15 worth of components, build a brewer and make aerated compost tea.

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About the Book

Have you been drowning beneficial compost bacteria? Placing a burlap bag of compost in a bucket of water creates compost tea that is lacking in beneficial microorganisms. Microorganisms which were thriving in the compost are destroyed during this once-popular tea-making method. But it is possible, and inexpensive, to keep those beneficial microorganisms alive! This eBook will show you how.

Make Your Own Brewer and Brew Compost Tea at Home! gives detailed instructions on how to brew aerated compost tea. Aeration allows beneficial bacteria to survive the brewing process. Used as a foliar spray, aerated compost tea fights plant diseases and helps to destroy toxins, in addition to providing plant nutrients. Compost tea may also be used as a soil drench.

This eBook explains how air is provided to the microorganisms during the aerated brewing process. It describes all materials needed to make a brewer -- a bucket plus $15 worth of components. You are guided in your choice of components, then given easy-to-follow instructions for assembling the brewer including important safety precautions. Included is a five-step method for testing the circulation in your brewer.

The best compost for brewing is achieved a bit differently than the standard hot batch pile method, so complete details are provided for generating compost favorable for brewing. Instructions are given for choice of materials, building the pile, and monitoring the pile. The eBook leads you step-by-step through the brewing process, then gives instructions for application of the tea to your garden.



About the Author
Mary Tynes is an internationally-recognized expert in home composting. She holds certificates from the State of Texas (USA) as both a Master Composter and Master Composter Instructor. Her education efforts have grown to include other digital media, print, public speaking, and teaching.



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