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Grand Canyon Rescue: A Tuli Black Wolf Adventure by Devon Mihesuah

Grand Canyon Rescue: A Tuli Black Wolf Adventure

by Devon Mihesuah

184 pages
Search and rescue on the Grand Canyon's North Rim

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book

Winner of the Oklahoma Writers' Federation Best Young Adult Novel of 2003 and finalist for the 2005 Children's Oklahoma Book Award. Lost in the vast Kaibab forest on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon! When Oklahoma Choctaw Tuli Black Wolf's famous search and rescue tracker mother, Virginia, is called to help locate missing hunters on the Grand Canyon's North Rim, fourteen-year-old Tuli is allowed to go with her on the dangerous search. Although Tuli is assigned to set up camp and care for the tracking dogs, one evening while accompanying her mom on a quick search the two are separated by a rainstorm.

Now alone in the great, dark forest and in a potentially dangerous situation, Tuli makes a big decision. Should she stay put like her mother taught her to do if she became lost, or should she utilize her knowledge of survival to embark on a hunt to find the lost men? The answer comes easy the next morning when she discovers the missing hunters' tracks. She locates the lost hunters, but one becomes seriously ill and they find themselves in an early snowstorm. In order to save the scared and humiliated men, Tuli must embark on another trek through deep snow to find the base camp. Grand Canyon Rescue is another empowering story by the award winning American Indian author, Devon Mihesuah. Winner of the Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc. Best Young Adult Novel of 2003.


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About the Author
Devon Mihesuah is member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and is professor of applied indigenous studies and history at Northern Arizona University. She is editor of the American Indian Quarterly and is author of numerous award-winning books dealing with American Indian topics.



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