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Real World Grocery Savings:  A Proven System that will Save Thousands on your Grocery Bill by Kara Rozendaal

Real World Grocery Savings: A Proven System that will Save Thousands on your Grocery Bill

by Kara Rozendaal

57 pages
Realistic guide to saving thousands per year on your Groceries.

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Category: Business:Personal Finance and Investing
About the Book

A system that takes you through the entire grocery shopping experience and proves you don't have to be a millionaire to EAT like one!

Real World Grocery Savings explores the sometimes complicated grocery store "promotions" and "sales" and brings it down to an easy-to-understand formula. Using coupons with a proven strategy, organizing your grocery shopping experience and leading you past the advertising hype. Real World Grocery Savings will transform your budget and your approach to grocery shopping.

Within one month of using this system, you will have easily paid for this book many times over. Don't delay! Purchase your book now and start saving money TODAY!

This book has Real World Advice to obtain Real World Savings:

Learn How to Recognize when it is a GREAT SALE and not just clever Store Marketing

Tools to Keep Track of GREAT SALES

Find out the Secrets behind Grocery Coupons

Uncover Incredible Sources to find Grocery Coupons

Save Huge on Seasonal Trends

Shopping Laws that will save THOUSANDS!

Learn an out of this world system to organize your coupons!

Some things people said after using the Real World approach to buying groceries:

"I never knew there was such a thing as free bread, razors, pasta, toothpaste. This system helps me find free things all of the time!"

"I cut my grocery bill in half after learning how to organize and shop. What a system!"

"I never thought I would have time to save money while I shop, but it hardly takes anytime to organize my shopping, and I save a ton of money all of the time!"

"My family loves this coupon thing! I have never had so much food in the house for less money than I normally spent on groceries!"



About the Author
Kara Rozendaal Kara Rozendaal holds a Bachelor's degree of Finance from Arizona State University. She has been working in Personal Financial Planning since 1989, and has witnessed the need for solid financial teaching. Kara teaches Financial Budgeting Workshops to churches and woman's groups, giving tools to save money in the real world.



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