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The Scorpio File by W. Robb Robichaud

The Scorpio File

by W. Robb Robichaud

344 pages
A terrorist attack worst than 9-11 is about to happen.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book

Twists, turns, dead end assumptions, false interpretations, intense suspense and action, while searching for the right answers and solutions, mess with the viewer. You may think you have it all figured out, then you hit a brick wall and have to reevaluate the data. Sometimes in life, the answers are obvious but the obvious is not always the answer. The unimaginable becomes imaginable in "The Scorpio File".

After 9-11, the president and Americans knew that the intelligence community screwed up. Each agency and department had pieces of information that they kept to themselves. If they had removed their egotistical and arrogant attitudes that "their" agency is the best, and had shared the information, there was a high probability that 9-11 could have been averted. Because of all the government's red tape and bureaucracy, the president decides to invoke his power of executive directives. He forms Falcon Agency.

Now, a recognized government agency that answers only to the president, Falcon Agency's job is to unite all of America's intelligence agencies and departments into one cooperative, sharing entity. Initially, Falcon is not the controlling intelligence arm of the government, but is there to advise and unite the others. All intelligence data from the other agencies, goes directly to Falcon for evaluation, dissemination and most important, follow-up. As time goes on, the CIA, FBI, NSA, Homeland Security and Secret Service relinquish their narcissistic powers and depend on Falcon for leadership. It works!

During the investigation of a covert renegade CIA agent's death, a file titled "Scorpio" is found taped under his office desk. He broke CIA's policy procedures of not locking the file in the safe and not sharing what he was investigating with supervisors. CIA Director Bill Angus turns the file over to Falcon Agency Director, Daniel White. In the file, there is evidence that the dead agent was on to a secret al Qaeda cell. There are names of an Algerian diplomat, Kaleem Mushowui, a Canadian woman, Monique Leclair, two question marks with no names and the name "Scorpio" on a list in the file. Also, the dead agent made notes about an unknown biological weapon, QD-9, which is on its way to North America. There is an attack coming and QD-9 is the most devastating chemical ever. An undercover operative in Afghanistan witnessed 50 people in a room, killed by one drop of QD-9 within 30 seconds.

Where and when will the terrorist attack take place? Daniel orders Falcon to search when and where major gatherings of people will happen. Sporting events, conventions and seminar locations and dates are compiled. It is an election year. What about the Democrat and Republican conventions?

Daniel and his team begin to tie evidence in the Scorpio File with the rash of recent sniper assassinations of large corporate executives and government officials. The dead CIA agent made specific notes that the sniper assassinations are a smoke screen for something bigger to come. What is it? Another 9-11? An attack by Scorpio using QD-9?


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About the Author
W. Robb Robichaud W. Robb Robichaud was a private commercial pilot for 17 years, Owner/CEO/President of various corporations, Real Estate Appraiser, published author of five novels and a Vietnam Veteran. He worked in the Middle East for many years, traveled and has lived all over the world the past 40 years.



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