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Cyberspace Law 2 (It's Not Rocket Science . . .) Running the Virtual Store by Bonita L. Severy, Esq.

Cyberspace Law 2 (It's Not Rocket Science . . .) Running the Virtual Store

by Bonita L. Severy, Esq.

175 pages
An easy to read multimedia guide to legal issues of contracts, financial transactions and site design for Internet entrepreneurs. Written by an attorney with a sense of humor!

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About the Book
This is NOT your grandfather's eBook! We push the envelope to bring you to the cutting edge of the eBook rich media experience. Here's the chapter outline for Cyberspace Law 2: Running the Virtual Store:

1. Introduction:

The Big Picture in 4 hours

Overview of Running the Virtual Store

Dictionaries: Technical, Legal and Business

2. Domain Names

Domain Names: The Big Picture

Who Controls Domain Names?

Selecting and Obtaining a Domain Name

How Many Domains Exist?

Domain Name Drill-Down:

Links to Beginner's Guide to URLs

Understanding IP Addressing

3. Strategic Site Design

Site Structure

Internet Insurance

Do It Yourself or Out-Source?

Site Design Drill-Down:

Web Site Development Agreements

Web site Host Agreements

4. Financial Transactions on the Net

Secure System Requirements

Flat Transactions


The Technology of Exchanging Money

Credit Card Payment Systems: Slide Show

Run-It-Yourself or Out-Source?

New E-SIGN Law: Overview

E-SIGN History

Financial Transactions Drill-Down:

Encryption, Digital Signatures, Digital Certificates


5. Cyberspace Contracts

Just Enough Contracts Law

Jurisdiction Law

Jurisdiction Examples

Recent Jurisdiction Cases

Contracting on the Internet

Basic Contract Terms

Virtual Lab: Contracts Exercise

Contracts Drill-down: Private International Law

6. Self-Tests

What's a "Multimedia Lite" version?

That means that we've eliminated the video components to bring down the file size for quick downloading. However, we've left in audio-feedback self-tests, pop-up graphics and footnotes, hyperlinks to related Web sites and roll-over navigation buttons, so you'll still have a lot of interactive fun!

Do you have to be a rocket scientist to use an ElectrondPond eBook?

Nope. We go to all sorts of extremes here at ElectronPond to make sure that every "It's Not Rocket Science" TM eBook is user-friendly.

What if I'm technically challenged?

When you first open one of our eBooks, there's a big red button (hard to miss) that you can push if you're an eBook first timer. We then escort you through the necessary pages to help you use the eBook.

What if I have the attention span of a four-year old?

We also provide a delightfully superficial "Big Picture in Four Hours" page with its own navigation buttons in case you want to spend an afternoon becoming familiar with an overview of all the topics before diving into our "Drill-Down" sections and Web links for more depth.

But I'm not a lawyer . . .

We're not afraid to tackle complicated legal, business and technical subjects, and we strive to make those topics entertaining and human-readable. The material in the Cyberspace Law series has been used by Professor Severy in her online MBA courses since 1998 with great success. So you should be able to understand the eBook even if you're not a lawyer. We think that those who are not "JD-impaired" should have a shot at learning this stuff, too. After all . . . It's Not Rocket Science!

What if I want more information on this subject?

Electronpond in collaboration with Netprof -Digital Training will be presenting a series of online courses on Cyberspace Law and business planning for individual entrepreneurs and for corporate training programs. Links to our site with information about the courses are provided in the eBook.



About the Author
Bonita L. Severy, Esq. Bonita Severy is a patent attorney and professor of online MBA / PhD programs in e-commerce law. She has degrees in chemistry and law and an MBA. Prior to entering law, she was an engineering manager for a high-tech Silicon Valley firm. She owns Netprof - Digital Training and ElectronPond TM Productions.



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