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Once Upon a Time, a Child by Joseph Yetter

Once Upon a Time, a Child

by Joseph Yetter

172 pages
Adventure stories for boys, with powerful moral lessons

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Category: Fiction:Children
About the Book

Powerful, profound, and deeply moral, ONCE UPON A TIME, A CHILD is the inspiring story of the growth of a child into a man. Told with grace, beauty and ruthless honesty, ONCE UPON A TIME, A CHILD is about values: truth, courage, love, honor, mercy, and sacrifice.

Each chapter represents a choice, with consequences, and each contributes to the moral, spiritual, and intellectual development of this child into a young man. These are not all gentle stories, no more than life is always gentle: people and animals die; when animals are killed for food, they are gutted and bled; people sin and err and suffer the natural consequences. There are no magical unicorns, avenging wizards, talking pigs, or literate spiders. There are—and this is greater magic by far—wise, strong and gentle parents who lead their son, Jacob, into wisdom and strength in these stories of elegance and deceptive simplicity.

is a book for men to share with their sons, again and again, for generations to come. It is a book for you to share with every father and son in your life.

The author's royalties are entirely donated to not-for-profit organizations that protect children and the environment.



About the Author
Joseph Yetter is a retired U.S. Army physician whose military career began during the Vietnam War and ended after the second Gulf War. A physician, teacher, and story-teller, he believes in the power of the story for moral and intellectual development. This is his first book for children.



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