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DREAM SPIRIT by T.O. McFarland


by T.O. McFarland

254 pages
fictional murder investigation during formation of Indian reservation gambling casinos

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
A retired police detective, turned private, is summoned by an old friend to investigate the murder of her fiance. Was it a murder or assassination?

The director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs is shot after leaving Vice President Bush's summer home at Walker Point in Kennebunkport, Maine. Nick Starr's investigation is facilitated by strange visions sent by the victim's grandfather, a shaman, from his reservation in Arizona.

Danger and adventure surround Nick as he immerses into the underworld of the glitzy and glamorous city of Las Vegas to the hallowed granite buildings of Washington, D.C.

A power struggle for casino gambling on the reservations of America is up for grabs and just how far will the Vegas Families go to win that struggle? And what is the "Conti Connection" that takes Nick from Maine to Miami to Vegas and then to Washington, D.C.?

The murder mystery is solved but the ongoing corruption within the government keeps on. Was his murder avenged? The ending leaves the reader with the feeling of frustration perpetuated by greed.



About the Author
T.O. McFarland was born and brought up in coastal Maine during the 1950's. He now calls East Texas his home with his wife and two dogs. Writing has become his passion and vocation.



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