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For The Love Of My Daughter by Yolande Visser

For The Love Of My Daughter

by Yolande Visser

72 pages
Yolande and Paul rushed 3-month-old Britt to the hospital because she baby choked on her food. From that day things got more complicated than they ever could expect. Eight months later Britt died in the hospital. During this period of fear, anger and hope, Yolande wrote this special diary.

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Category: Autobiography
About the Book
I wrote this book because I couldn't find one that would give me the support and understanding that I needed when I lost my baby. I couldn't identify myself in any book, because the books which are published about babies and death, were dealing with medical problems and not with personal feelings. How do you feel when you lose your baby, what goes on in your mind and how to cope with such a tragedy?

I realized that it was pretty difficult to talk about the death of my child.

Not because I had problems with it, but because my friends did. They didn't know how to react. Of course, what can you do or say when someone's baby has died? It's much too difficult to ignore.

In 1993 I published this book ("Tetrusten Brittje") in the Netherlands. I was invited twice to a TV talk show after which I received many letters from parents who had lost a child. Some of them have "died" too. They never celebrate birthdays or even Christmas anymore. They still keep their children's rooms the way they were. They don't allow any kind of happiness anymore.



About the Author
Yolande Visser Yolande Visser used to work in the Netherlands as a freelance journalist for amongst others the monthly magazine 'Ouders van Nu' (Today's Parents). She regularly wrote for the young people's page (the Eindhoven Daily). In 1996 Yolande moved to Vancouver, Canada.



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