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Cozy Clozy by Doug Alford

Cozy Clozy

by Doug Alford

30 pages
The Facts and Actions behind clothes for kids!

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Category: Children:Poetry
About the Book

Children get to experience the Facts and Actions behind the fabrics that they use. Cozy Clozy - From Fiber To Fabrics is a short story that shows the following. Why fibers are made into things? How are clothes made and colored? What things are made out of fibers? Who uses fabrics?

The story is written by Doug Alford and illustrated by Betsy Hayes. The brief and fun flowing words and colorful and clear pictures share a story children love to hear.
It's fun to see kids that have read the book take an interest in textiles. They notice different fibers & fabrics in their world. Adults will also find themselves looking at lables and understanding textiles more.



About the Author
Doug Alford The author is an American who's lived in Europe. One day he was watching his kids having fun at one of the myriad of museum they frequented. He was struck with a desire to "bottle this hands-on fun" and share with all kids. This book is the result of that dream.



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