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Global Countdown by Leland Attaway

Global Countdown

by Leland Attaway

232 pages
Scientist and terrorist lover rescue developed world from nuclear destruction.

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Category: Fiction:Techno-Thrillers
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About the Book
In Global Countdown, Leland Attaway´s thrilling novel of international intrigue and global terrorism, nuclear expert Michael Adams and his redeemed terrorist lover fight to prevent nuclear disaster. They struggle to reverse nuclear power plant melt-down and defuse thermonuclear intercontinental missiles, while negotiating a political settlement between global terrorists and the American President. Their battle culminates in a terrifying, wrenching global countdown.

In Leland Attaway´s novel the undeveloped nations explode in an attempt to save themselves from extinction, seizing world-wide nuclear weapons of mass destruction. They demand economic aid and new globalization policies, an end to global warming, and an end to a resurgent nuclear arms race which is exhausting global resources necessary for their survival. This is the next wave of terrorism, dwarfing 911, Afghanistan and Iraq; it is secular and has world-wide support.

In the author´s vision of the future, the American President is forced to defend against a thermonuclear missile attack and to find a politically acceptable compromise with the terrorists. Great powers manipulate the crisis to advance their own geopolitical designs, threatening World War Three. And one man and his lover fight to defeat a global wave of nuclear terrorism-a world-wide secular rebellion instigated by Western globalization policies. In the real world the clock is ticking to the 2008 Presidential election. Will the United States elect a statesman with the intellect and stature necessary to correct those misguided policies? Read Global Countdown and learn what hangs in the balance.



About the Author
Leland Attaway Doctor Attaway spent twenty years at the prestigious RAND Corporation think tank. As White House appointee he directed most of the Environmental Protection Agency\'s R&D, including the US/Soviet Union environmental agreement, which he helped negotiate in Moscow. He has travelled in Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the former Soviet Union.



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