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The Cash Cage by Corey Deitz

The Cash Cage

by Corey Deitz

173 pages
Radio: the real show starts when the mike turns OFF.

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About the Book

Everyone has a DJ or radio station he or she especially enjoys. Not everyone knows what goes on behind the microphone. And once you do, you may never listen to radio the same way.

Through Corey Deitz's humorous and casual writing style you\ll meet an army of wanderers who spin tunes, give the time and temp, take the requests and when the pressure is on are easily discarded by a cutthroat business that disguises itself as your favorite song.

The ordinary perception that disc jockeys have a glamorous life, flanked by popularity and perks, is quickly put into perspective as the darker side of an industry is exposed where constant moving, loneliness, backstabbing and job termination are the prerequisites for success.

When an employer reaches into this grab bag of professionals, he never knows how big of an ego or what kind of pathology will accompany the next worker.

The Cash Cage is a captivating trip through an exciting medium held together by an odd lot of gypsies who move from city-to-city in an incessant struggle for ratings, income, and acceptance.

It is also a "how to" manual on meeting life head on. Based on his own accumulation of hard-knock knowledge, Deitz provides the reader with a good dose of street smarts, wisdom, and philosophy which anyone can benefit from.

So, stand by ­ we're on the air.



About the Author
Corey Deitz

Corey Deitz has worked as a Radio deejay in many cities including Chicago, St. Louis, Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, and Richmond.

He has written for several industry and general publications and is the Radio Guide at

Deitz hold a B.S. in Telecommunications from Kent State University.



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