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The Podium Girl Gone Bad - Behind The Podium Tales From the Tour de France by Sammarye Lewis

The Podium Girl Gone Bad - Behind The Podium Tales From the Tour de France

by Sammarye Lewis

52 pages
Podium Girl Gone Bad: Tales From The Tour de France

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Category: Fiction:Humor
About the Book

The Podium Girl Gone Bad is a satirical look at The Tour de France through the eyes of PGGB (Podium Girl Gone Bad), who spends most of her time lurking behind the Podium. Wearing her PGGB Thong and carrying her leetle camera, she audaciously sweeps through Le Tour, missing nothing and telling all in her zany Tour diaries.

Her cheeky attitude appeals to cycling fans around the world: "Last week, dearies, I saw a bright red, skin-tight, little strappy thing on a Podium Girl. The hemline was so short that men in zee front row were leaning forward, as though in prayer. Their eyes rolled upwards, but I think not to the Heavens. Extra high heel, strappy black sandals and long blonde hair were merely icing on zee cake, so to speak."

Cyclingnews had this to say about The Podium Girl Gone Bad in 2002, "Who is the PGGB? Her identity is a closely guarded secret, to protect her from reprisals from those still eking out a living snogging sweaty bike racers. The PGGB's sideways angle on Le Tour made her one of our most popular and controversial diarists."

This little book is a compilation of all the twisted tales and photos from the warped experiences of The Podium Girl Gone Bad at the Tour de France. Rumor has it that you will see some of the famous racers gleefully holding up zee leetle PGGB Thong while PGGB takes their picture at the Tour de France this year!



About the Author
Sammarye Lewis, writing under the nom de plume of Podium Girl Gone Bad, sends diaries from the Tour de France to CyclingNews. Her photos have been a part of the Lance Armstrong ScreenSaver and Photo Galleries.



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