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How To Build a Better Sand Castle by Lucinda Wierenga

How To Build a Better Sand Castle

by Lucinda Wierenga

23 pages
Build a better sand castle - on the beach or in a sandbox. All you need is sand, water, some carving tools (we'll help you find them) and this book.

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About the Book

Learn how to build a better sand castle from the folks who wrote the book on sand castle building - the Sons of the Beach (SoB) Sand Castle Wizards of South Padre Island, Texas.

This fully-illustrated 23 page booklet is for the beach lover who may have already discovered that wet sand does cool things. All you need is a shovel, a few simple carving tools that are probably lurking in your garage or kitchen drawers, and a desire to have more fun on the beach -- or in a backyard sand box.

Throw away the cheesy plastic moulds! In this book we show you the easy way to build towers, walls and arches using nothing more than sand, water and your hands; then we give you ideas on how to combine these structures into other interesting shapes. We also provide tips on finding/making simple carving tools and then show you how to use them most effectively to carve other objects as well as the ever-popular castle.

The SoB Pledge:

I promise to have fun,

Help others have fun,


(unlitter - to properly dispose of more garbage than you generate)



About the Author
Lucinda "sandy feet" Wierenga got serious about sand back in 1985 and has been competing at the masters level since 1987. Over the past decade she has taught literally thousands of people how to have more fun at the beach.



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