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Lessons From The Purple Tree by Linda F. Felker, Ph.D.

Lessons From The Purple Tree

by Linda F. Felker, Ph.D.

64 pages
Lessons from the Purple Tree by Linda Felker Business Book

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About the Book

This delightful book, told in storybook fashion, is inspirational, direct, and powerful. Dr. Felker relates several of her personal childhood experiences, and explains how the lessons she learned from those situations are applicable to managers and leaders in today's organizations.

Trust - The most important element in any relationship, from family relationships to corporate boardrooms. Once trust is broken, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to repair. Many companies have closed their doors because of the shame and scandal brought on by a violation of Trust. Dr. Felker tells a story of a traumatic event in her childhood that damaged the trust level between family members, and the incredible person who rebuilt the trust and brought it all into perspective.

Vision - A well-written, simple vision statement is imperative in any company. Employees must understand how their works is important to the overall success of the organization. Too many corporate executives create very elaborate and detail mission statements to guide the company; however, they are not as successful as they could be if they would simply tone it down and make it manageable. Employees need to know the 'what and why' if they are to perform to the level that meets company expectations and objectives. Dr. Felker's tells how her mother created a dynamic, yet simple vision right in their own home, and the impact that vision had on her life.

Communication - Without powerful communication, any company could experience failure. The ability to listen intent to what employees are saying, and respond appropriate is critical to meeting goals and achieving success in today's global environment. With modern technology advancements and the increased workloads of most workers, it is imperative that the communication vehicle chosen are the appropriate models for success. Email, voicemail, memos...what's the best use of each? How do you communicate in terms simple enough for every frontline employee to understand, yet capture the senior level strategic initiative? Dr. Felker explains a simple, overlooked manner of communicating that will meet every need.

Feedback - Employers and employees must be given adequate and timely feedback, both positive, and corrective, in order to shape their performance, drive business results, and achieve any measure of personal job satisfaction. To often, feedback is focused on what the person is doing wrong, rather than what the person is doing right. It is highly motivating to receive praise, and nothing energizes the workforce more than being recognized for their efforts, successes, and contributions to the company.

Commitment - No company every achieved phenomenal success in the corporate arena without a group of totally committee people driving the business. How does a company generate that level of commitment? What do they offer to stimulate employee commitment, and how do they sustain that enthusiasm? Employees must take part in creating business plans that drive their work, and be responsible for implementing those plans to achieve measurable results. Dr. Felker explains the importance of commitment, and offers suggestions to help manager's coach their employees effectively.



About the Author
Linda F. Felker, Ph.D.

Linda F. Felker, Ph.D., has influenced the corporate world as a Management Development Consultant, Leadership Trainer, and Keynote Speaker for over 20 years.

Dr. Felker graduated summe cum laude with a Ph.D. in Human Resource Management with studies in Organizational Development. She is available for workshops, seminars, and speaking engagements.



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