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Quotagrams and Stretchletter Puzzle eBook by Monik Robichaud

Quotagrams and Stretchletter Puzzle eBook

by Monik Robichaud

137 pages
Loads of fun for Crostic and Crossword-style puzzle lovers.

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Category: Hobbies
About the Book

If you love puzzles AND Hollywood, then this is the puzzle book for you. Test your television, TV stars, movies and movie star knowledge with almost 100 Quotagram and Stretchletter puzzles.

Do you like Crossword puzzles and feel pleased with yourself when you have solved it and DIDN'T peek at the answers? Quotagrams give you a double pleasure. When you've solved the Quotagram, the answer is usually a funny joke or reflection on life.

Quotagrams are themed. For example, the Title would be:"Did You Know That?" Your puzzle answer will be something you problably didn't know, and you'll be pleasantly surprised and amused.

Volume I's themes are "Cat Laws", "Double Thoughts", "Movie Trivia", and many more. There are also 15 Stretchletter puzzles throughout the eBook for a nice puzzle change.

Strechletters make YOU the artist. You have to stretch a letter to fit other letters. One letter could work for 2 different words, or maybe 6 words. Stretchletters are loads of fun and all entries are movie star names. See if your favourite star is in the puzzle.



About the Author
Monik Robichaud Monik Robichaud left her career in the Print Industry to pursue her dream of making funny puzzles for "Puzzleafficionados". Although Monik still has "ink in her veins", she realizes that the printed word through an eBook is the future. Monik is presently working on Volume II.



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