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Keeping Track of Interviews by Donalyn Leskosek Spisak

Keeping Track of Interviews

by Donalyn Leskosek Spisak

123 pages
Keeping Track of Interviews Organizes Your Career Employment Job Search

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Category: Business
About the Book

Wow, what a great idea - Keeping Track of Interviews. We searched and searched and couldn't find a workbook that could help new career seekers or job seekers to stay organized throughout the interview process. We decided to fill this void with our workbook - a workbook which keeps you organized, keeps your records complete and helps you to know who, what, where, when and why.

We all understand the need for writing a cover letter. We know our resume must be meticulous. We write thank you letters automatically and portfolios are becoming the norm rather than the exception in the interview process. What we don't always do is stay organized - this workbook forces you to stay organized and be aware of upcoming interviews.

If you're tired of looking for scraps of papers with names, titles, email addresses, cellular phone numbers, business phone numbers, hours of operation, times of interviews and places for would be meetings, it's time to purchase your personal copy of Keeping Track of Interviews.

Stay organized and become the person to compete with in the interview as you will not allow simple things to fall through the cracks while you dot your I's and cross your T's with this workbook.

Download your copy today and be the exception rather than the norm. Companies want to hire the exceptional candidate and that candidate is the one who begins and ends with organization--Keep Track of your Interviews beginning today and let Donalyn help you to help yourself as she has hundreds of others.



About the Author
Donalyn Leskosek Spisak is a Feature Writer/Reporter for Infinity Broadcasting and has published over 150 articles in print, newspapers, magazines and the internet. She has written four books specifically for job seekers. Her expertise in career counseling and training as well as motivational speaking continues to amaze job seekers as they go on to new careers targeted specifically for them.



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