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The Witches of West End Avenue, New York by Clodomiro Giraud Jr.

The Witches of West End Avenue, New York

by Clodomiro Giraud Jr.

127 pages
Two evil witches from the 17th century Salem fly into New York City in the 20th century to create mayhem and murder. But their plans didn't include fighting a warlock bent on sending their evil spirits back to Hell.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
About the Book

The Witches of West End Avenue New York is an imaginative tale of beastly-beautiful baby killers, magic, and mayhem.

It begins in Salem, Massachusetts in the 17th century as settlers come across a ghost town and decide to fix it up. But in picking this particular place to build a new life, they have opened their lives to horror. In welcoming some strange women who have come to town, they have actually invited witches to take control of their lives and the very blood of their precious babies. But to their rescue, from a town not far from theirs, comes a man named Kimble, and he and his followers­"the chosen ones"--soon learn secrets that enable them to successfully do battle with these evil witches.

Not all died, however; some lived on to fly into New York city in the 20th century to create a new kind of mayhem and murder. But their plans didn't include having to fight a warlock bent on sending their evil spirits back to hell.

New York City, 1985

In a quiet residential area of New York known as West End Avenue, the weather suddenly becomes cloudy and overcast, threatening rain. A child looking skyward sees a strange shadow within the clouds that both excites and terrifies him, and he runs back into his building to tell his mom.

Through deceptive methods that involve the death of a tenant, two beautiful women named Jane and Ruth actually 17th century witches in disguise gain residence at this same apartment building, never imagining that Richard, a harmless-looking man in a wheelchair who happens to be a lawyer, would become their most dreaded enemy in the days to come.

Danny and Gary, two college students in an upper-class neighborhood known as Garden Pond, go to a new night club after class where they run into a beautiful woman named Lorraine who will soon decide one of their fates and cause untold grief for the other. About the same time, the owner of the club and his bodyguard are killed by some kind of beast that leaves a bloody, grisly mess that horrifies and puzzles the police and the two detectives handling the case. But this is only the first murder of many that detectives Frank and Jackson will soon be investigating.

As the neighborhood suddenly becomes the center of a string of child abductions and murders, Richard begins to have haunting dreams of his father surrounded by ghostly shadows of dark figures wearing hoods. These dreams lead Richard and his sister, Ann, to search out his strange past. With help from a friend and ex-cop named Ralph, the men soon find themselves in the ghostly town of Spellbound, still under the control of the same witches who once inhabited it in the 17th century.

You won't want to miss the action as the battle between good and evil heats up!



About the Author

Mr. Giraud has appeared as a guest on numerous television shows including good day New York, with Gordon Elliot, as well as on the legendary Joe Franklin show. His involvements in the media and entertainment circuits such as parades, radio, and news commentaries have been instrumental in making him scintillating breath of fresh air in the field of childrens literature.



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