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How to Help a Grieving Friend by Mary J. Tynes

How to Help a Grieving Friend

by Mary J. Tynes

54 pages
Practical, detailed instructions to help your bereaved friend in an effective way. What to say and do before and during the funeral, and as time goes by.

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Category: Self Help:Grief
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About the Book

When a friend suffers the death of someone they love, you want to help, to comfort. But what can you do and what can you say when words and deeds seem so inadequate? Rest assured, your efforts can make a difference. How to Help a Grieving Friend reveals ways to help bereaved friends by combining a caring spirit with practical action. If you want to help a bereaved friend or loved one, an effective, practical plan of action is invaluable! Let this book show you how to help.

How to Help a Grieving Friend is filled with detailed instructions for providing help to the bereaved in a way that is effective and practical. This book will empower you to:

* Understand the highest level of support you can provide to the bereaved. Once you are focused on this practical, attainable goal, you can act with confidence that your efforts will be beneficial.
* Speak or write appropriate sentiments. Time-worn cliche's such as "I understand how you feel", "Time will heal your pain", "Know that this is God's Will", and others often offend and alienate the bereaved. This book explains why these phrases hurt and offers alternative statements which allow you to express your sympathy in appropriate ways.
* Communicate with the bereaved in a way that shows love and support for them as they grieve. Information may be applied to conversations or letters of sympathy.
* Provide practical help to the bereaved in the days surrounding the wake, funeral or memorial service. Includes a list of 13 items that you may bring to the bereaved\'s home other than food. Discusses a wide variety of tasks that you may offer to handle.
* Avoid actions that cause distress for the bereaved. Recommends ways to respond if others engage in these activities.
* Learn from true stories of helpful words and deeds offered in times of grief.
* Continue to help your grieving friend as time goes by. The pain doesn't end when the funeral is over. This book reveals ways to be supportive as time moves forward. In addition, you will gain understanding with a look at one bereaved person\'s insights on closure.
* Be prepared to answer tough questions that arise when a death occurs. Includes suggested responses to questions including "What does dying feel like?" and "Why did this happen to us?"
*Help others respond appropriately. A one-page tip sheet lists six appropriate phrases to say to the bereaved, nine practical ways to help, and 14 necessary items that may be brought to the bereaved's home. The tip sheet may be printed and brought with you as a reminder, or offered to another friend who is frustrated by her inability to find ways to help.

Do you need information right now? Don't worry, the book's features were specifically designed for those who have already received notification of a death and must act quickly. The book can be downloaded immediately. The writing is concise, direct, and easy to understand. The Table of Contents allows you to quickly find the information you need. For situations in which preparation time is especially short, the book's format was designed to facilitate "skimming". In addition, the Appendix is a one-page summary which may be printed and brought with you.

How to Help a Grieving Friend has enabled friends to support bereaved loved ones for over five years. Now this invaluable resource is available instantly -- so you can act with confidence that your words and deeds will truly help!



About the Author
Mary J. Tynes Mary Tynes experienced five deaths of friends and family in rapid succession. She struggled to find ways to help. Then her sister died. Roles were reversed as friends struggled to help her in her grief. Mary learned what was effective and has shared those insights for decades. Click the Free Excerpt link above to read the full story.



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