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Country Fried Man--Seasoned and Battered Just Right! by Randy Compton

Country Fried Man--Seasoned and Battered Just Right!

by Randy Compton

185 pages
Relationship humor with a Deep South flavor.

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Category: Entertainment:Humor
About the Book
Country Fried Man-Seasoned and Battered Just Right! is a satirical look at the relationships between men and their demons told in anecdotal form by a true ?son of the South.?

The majority of the book addresses what the author identifies as a ?mythical? battle of the sexes. As the book points out, a ?battle? can only exist between two opposing sides where both believe they have a chance of winning. As the title of the book implies, one member of the conflict has raised the white flag of defeat and has chronicled the details of how he came to realize his fate.

The beginning of the book addresses the stereotypes that men of the South or, men in general, are confronted with on a daily basis. Also included are tips on surviving the war with the ?army of the evil X chromosome.?

After addressing each of the ?rumors? that have perpetually existed concerning men, the book goes on to dissect issues that pertain to the actual lives of men, such as: the importance of an alibi; how each man ultimately pays penance for every sin he has committed; his love of certain foods and all things athletic;the ?five stages of a man?s sexuality;? and the one thing all men need at some point in their life-- a ?white trash vacation.?

Men will painfully acknowledge what the author goes on record and states in Country Fried Man while the women who read the book will shake their heads in agreement at what they already knew and their mouths may gape open at a few things they didn?t know.

Told in the spirit of good natured ribbing where the author is the butt of most of the jokes, Country Fried Man is a pleasure ride through one man?s deep-fried memories and is intended to offer each reader a few minutes of laughing audibly and briefly escaping the typical ?bad news of the week.?



About the Author
Randy Compton Randy Compton, originally from Cottondale, Alabama, is an alumnus of the University of Alabama and worked in the manufactoring and marketing industries until he began writing in 1999. He lives in Pensacola, Florida and is a co-host and co-producer of "Gulf Coast Muses" which airs in the Pensacola area on a local network.



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