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Letters Between Us by Catherine Wikstrom-Hunter & Wendy Catherine Wikstrom

Letters Between Us

by Catherine Wikstrom-Hunter & Wendy Catherine Wikstrom

212 pages
Parenting - A successful, non-fiction journey through Mother and Daughter relationships.

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Category: Family
About the Book
Do you often wonder how you can protect your children and still find the strength to deliver them into the world?

If you are a parent of any age who strives to understand and grow with your daughter, this book will give you faith as it reveals the insights of the teenage and young adult mind, while recognizing the changes a Mother goes through in her own life.

Letters Between Us takes a look at the delicate process of parenting and adolescence in Kathy and Wendy's relationship, starting when Kathy was a 27-year old, widowed mother. The story concludes in present day, 2004. Half of this magic is expressed through real life letters they wrote to one another; it is uniquely tied together in a format that lets you be a part of their journey so you can close the book with a fresh perspective for your own relationships.

Letters Between Us covers topics such as loss, fear, communication, support and self-esteem. You'll find humor when you dive into the world of teenagers, as well as their boyfriends! And you'll find answers to surviving one another's insecurities that may affect your communication. In essence, this book celebrates womanhood and is recommended for parents, mothers, daughters and daughters who are also mothers.

You'll fall in love with Kathy's genuine spirit, sensible leadership and her clever approach to the big question: Who will my daughter become when she grows up and how do I give her wings?

Daughters - whether you are 13 or 30, do you remember thinking your Mother is simply just a Mother? Here you will discover she is a woman independent from a nurturer. You will also relate if you have thought your diary is the only person who understands; if you have snuck out, lied or hurt your Mom's feelings; and if you've questioned college, career, finances and the path your life will take. Have you thought turning 18 and entering the land of the free will be easier on you than your Mother has been? It won't, and in fact, it would be a very lonely place without her.

You will gain much strength from Wendy's self-awareness and integrity as she learns to bravely move through the world. You will identify with her growth through the entire book and she will become your friend as you mature into womanhood with her.



About the Author
Catherine Wikstrom-Hunter & Wendy Catherine Wikstrom Kathy lives in Moscow, Idaho as a writer, a wife, a Mother, Step-Mother and Grandmother‚­ she is a unique example that Motherhood is a gift in any form.

Since their book was published, Wendy has become Mrs. Wendy Wikstrom Snodgrass. And in 2009, the parenting cycle continued when she became the mother of a wonderful little boy. They reside in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and operate two businesses: The DeLucia Script and Learning Life.



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