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SUMMERHAWK by Donna Diamond Kordela


by Donna Diamond Kordela

272 pages
Summerhawk is a western historicl romance set in 1882 Calico.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
About the Book
Summerhawk - 1882 Calico

Casey McCreary travels West from New York City with intentions of becoming a "Harvey Girl" and to settle her father's mining claim won in a poker game in California. At Calico Silver City's train station a Federal Marshall meets her. His name is Summerhawk, a Shoshone half-breed.

Casey realizes as her gaze travels from his boots to his carved obsidian-like Native American cheekbones, he doesn't appear to be the town banker Mr. Greenford. Tired and hungry from the train ride she sees behind the badge - Summerhawk - is the Old West personified with his intimidating but polite gaze that holds the desire to help her get safely to her destination. Her fears calm as he takes her to the bank as promised.

All Summerhawk wants is to keep peace in Calico, the largest silver boomtown in California while protecting the interests of his People on the reservation. Meeting Irish Casey, a strong woman that rekindles memories he holds of his own mother bridging the Eastern culture brings it full circle to him and the West to her. Worlds apart and culturally different, this spirited and unlikely couple discover each other in unexpected ways.

Summerhawk's sudden and unrelenting passion stakes a disturbing claim on her heart and tests her trust. He watches her from the dovetailing ribbons ducking out from Casey's hat, to the curve in her ankles shapely above her fashionable high button boots. Summerhawk is smitten and challenges her desire to go to Barstow to become a Harvey Girl.

Summerhawk is the law, a father to Sun Hawk, the orphaned son of his late brother, son of a Chief and a man to keep his People's lifestyle alive in the forefront of changing times. His revenge is set off by his anger and he wants to arrest the gunslingers who killed his brother and finds Casey willing to raise Sun Hawk, his son now. All the more reason for them to blend two cultures, have fund raisers at a restaurant they wish to build. Can they tame Calico's frontier together?

Casey, Irish-tempered and a good cook is determined to bring a restaurant to the miners of Calico's silver mines. It's a place in the community of townsfolk she admires - from Bill Harpold to Hank of Hank's Place, Diamond Lill and Virginia Merritt. What's more if her family admires her, they too can move west. Aunt Stella brings her sewing machine and arrives ready to chaperone the strong willed Casey. Casey finds her self irresistibly drawn to Summerhawk and begins to re-assess her life, despite her father's wishes for her to become a Harvey Girl.

When all is said only Summerhawk and his Casey can fight prejudice, and create a life in Calico. Can there be peace for the lovers in Calico when everyone wants to pull them apart? Summerhawk longs to be accepted for whom he is, a man caught between two cultures, proud and arrogant and happy with Casey by his side.


Donna Kordela whisks her readers back to a bustling silver mining town in this well-textured romance where the proper Casey McCreary and the challenge of her life Summerhawk, in Casey's own words 'a magnificent specimen of Indian man,' tantalizingly spring to life.
- Linda Sekishiro
Pushcart Prize nominee in fiction & Bravura Magazine
Set in the real Old West town of Calico, Summerhawk combines truly unique characters with historical accuracy to create a riveting good read.
- Anne M. Duquette, Harlequin author, Marry Me Cowboy Series
It took me far away from faeries and fantasy that I write and into the historical realm as I get to walk with Casey and SUMMERHAWK through the Wild West in Calico Silver City. It took me away especially from cell phones, the internet and 24/7 cable news. Casey ignites Summerhawk's most passionate desires reminding us that love is always the most powerful force of all.
- Heather Baker, Avid reader and author of upcoming "The End of Enchantment."


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About the Author
Donna Robinson Kordela resides in Poway, California with her husband, Bill, an avid rock- hound. SUMMERHAWK is an historical western romance. She teaches at Palomar College in San Diego and is multi-published in fiction and non-fiction. Calico at Yermo, California is a favorite travel destination. She also writes 'mystery-suspense' as Donna Diamond



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