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The Third Revolution by Anthony F. Lewis

The Third Revolution

by Anthony F. Lewis

348 pages
A novel of political suspense. Federal authority challenges state sovereignty.

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Category: Fiction
About the Book

The Third Revolution follows plain-talking Montana Governor Benjamin Kane as he walks a harrowing tightrope between his conscience and the law. The federal government has just passed the One Nation Act, federalizing all teachers, day-care workers, police and prosecutors, as so-called national agents of social enforcement, and has mandated the transfer of state tax dollars to help pay for it.

In Montana, statewide outrage at the measure results in the election of a radical legislature that passes a bill nullifying the federal law. This blatantly unconstitutional action precipitates a major confrontation between federal officials and Governor Kane. The popular owner of a local boutique brewpub and a former state legislator, Governor Kane reluctantly signs the nullification bill into law, hoping to shock the federal government into a more reasonable posture. But escalating pressure from Washington, followed by a tragic accident involving American troops at the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, make it clear that nothing about this episode is going to end reasonably.

The frenzied state legislators continue unabated, nullifying federal law and repealing federal taxes and fees. President Robert Henderson responds by cutting all federal funding to the state, potentially crippling its vital cattle industry, and orders the federalizing of the Montana National Guard to secure the Great Falls missile fields, home to 200 Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles. Ben Kane and his close-knit group of political cohorts risk all as they attempt to rein in the reactionary legislature, hold the federal government at bay, and maintain the sovereignty of their state. Governor Kane is forced to choose between the country he loves...and his commitment to the founding principles of the country he loves.


The Third Revolution reads easily and deserves to attract the attention of Libertarians and fiction lovers alike.
- J. Daniel Cloud, Editor
Libertarian Party News



About the Author
Anthony F. Lewis Anthony F. Lewis earned an MBA and holds two financial services designations (CLU, ChFC). He has worked in various operational and consulting capacities for several major financial institutions. In his pre-MBA days, the author worked as a bartender at more than a few famous New York watering holes and restaurants.



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