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The Sudden Caregiver: Surrendering to Enlightenment by Barbara Snow

The Sudden Caregiver: Surrendering to Enlightenment

by Barbara Snow

207 pages
Tragedy, depression, and addiction transformed into healing and enlightenment.

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Category: Self Help
About the Book

While they were still on their honeymoon, tragedy struck. After her husband's stroke, she was married to a different man. Now solely responsible, she coped until her husband's depression turned suicidal and addiction complicated his disabilities. The Grace that saved her came through a blending of ancient spiritual tradition with the contemporary wisdom of codependent recovery. Now she had the tools and support to make conscious choices.

This true story explores the potentially dangerous shadow issues that caregivers often face: personality change--inverted relationship dynamics--post-traumatic stress--and the caregiver's frailties. The tension builds in riveting twists as she learns to distinguish between care giving and enabling, between sacrifice and martyrdom ­ to make her way to healing and renewal.

"Absolutely, heartbreakingly gorgeous" --Alice S., San Francisco, CA

"An incredibly helpful, sanity-saving book" --Sue Q., Mountain View, CA.

"I was compelled by the beauty of the writing. Then I was captured by the story" --Elizabeth S., Mill Valley, CA.

"This story needs to be told…so others can find their way as well" --Marial M., Lafayette, CA.

"Particularly moving…a glimpse of the light that is within you" --Leonard B., Los Angeles, CA.

"Without exaggerating, I could not put it down" --Michael S., Palo Alto, CA



About the Author
Barbara Snow chose the natural beauty of California as home, just as she chose writing as her art form. Her writing encompasses poetry, fiction, essays, and articles. This memoir describes her transformation into an artist and ceremonialist, celebrating as a Mesa Carrier the power and sanctity of All That Is.



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