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The Bible or The Koran by Savasan Yurtsever

The Bible or The Koran

by Savasan Yurtsever

102 pages
Detailed study of the parallels and the differences between the two ancient scriptures. The author studies the biblical subjects on a topic by topic basis. What comes out of this zealous approach is one: The truth!

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Philosophy
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About the Book

The Bible or The Koran studies the conflicts, differences and similarities between the two ancient scriptures based on the lives of the first three prophets, Adam, Noah and Abraham. Contrary to the common belief of all holy books saying the same thing, The Bible or The Koran clearly proves the opposite. The Bible, for instance, speaks of the race mixing that went on between the "sons of God" and "daughters of men" as the major reason of the flood. The Koran, however, reports not a word on any race mixing. The flood, according the the Koran, was caused by the rejection of Noah as a prophet by the dwellers of his town. The Bible reports Noah's curse in full detail. In the Koran, no such curse is mentioned. In the Bible, God damns and curses Adam and his wife following the forbidden tree incident. In the Koran, God almost forgives them both. The Bible reports "mountains of Ararat" as the resting spot for Noah's Ark, whereas the Koran suggests mount "Al-Judi" as the place to look.

To say that the ultimate outcome of The Bible or The Koran is only a long list of some similiarities, and differences between the two best selling sacred books of all time would be an understatement. Though a single reason could suffice the intellectual, the several instances of conflicting messages between two sciptures point to a single truth: The Truth itself!




The Creation of Adam
The Divine Committee
The Purpose Of Adam's Creation
Adam's First Job
Adam In The Garden Of Eden
The Forbidden Tree
Satan At Work
The Curse
The Children Of Adam
Cain And Abel
The Descendants Of Adam
Easton's Bible Dictionary Entry On "Adam"


Noah's Forefathers
Why Noah?
The Covenant
The Cause Of The Flood
The Ark
Noah's Sons
Social Response
The Flood
After The Flood
Noah's Curse
The Location Of The Ark
The Lifespan Of Noah
The Chronology Of Noah
Easton's Bible Dictionary Entry On "Noah"


First Divine Encounter
Hagar And Ishmael
God's Beloved Friend
Hebrew Or Muslim
The Covenant Of Circumcision
The Cube
The Divine Sacrifice
Ishmael vs. Isaac
Cities Of Sin
Was Abraham The First Man In Space?
Abraham The Man
Abraham's Visit To Egypt
Abraham's Return From Egypt
Abraham's First War
Jehovah Or Allah?
The Scripture Of Abraham
Abraham's Conversations With God
Offspring Or Resurrection?
Once Barren
Abraham's Burial
People Of The East
The Chronology Of Abraham
Easton's Bible Dictionary Entry On "Abraham"



About the Author
After reading hundreds of books on religion, writing a few books of his own, and translating books from English to his native tongue, Savasan Yurtsever, "freelanced" to a brave new look on religion, which is well documented in his latest book, The Bible or The Koran.



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