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A BONE FOR THE DOG by Phyllis Maclay


by Phyllis Maclay

348 pages
Courtroom combat; A father's desperate fight to save his daughter.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
About the Book

Combat in the courtroom.

The battle after the hearing.

Finally a book that tells the story!

Rachel Stevens is a child caught in the court system while her father struggles to save her from a life of neglect and violence. Shawn, her father must do battle not only against her mother, Jolene, outside the courtroom, but inside he battles the judge who seems indifferent to the evidence brought before him. He rewards Jolene's newfound sobriety and court performances with Rachel, like she's A BONE FOR THE DOG.

But Shawn will not give up as he helplessly watches his little girl deteriorate in her struggle to survive. Rachel is dragged from her sleep to flee her mother's abusive husband. Jolene tells her it is okay to lie and if she doesn't, the judge will send her "far, far away." They move from house to house, from man to man. Her pets disappear, she never knows where her head will rest at night, or if the late hours will be filled with angry words and violent fights.

With the help of his new wife and family, Shawn is determined to save his little girl. Events escalate to a jaw-dropping ending.

In the final hearing, how does the judge rule?

Here's what readers are saying:

"Now that I read the book, I understand the graphic cover and title, and I am chilled by it."

"Addicting! I couldn't put it down."

"I read it in one day."

"I think she very correctly depicted what bad things happen to children in the judicial system today."

"Phyllis is a talented writer...I read several books each week, most by famous authors. This book would rate just as well as as these books I've read by the famous authors. I loved her book!"



About the Author
Phyllis Maclay Author Phyllis Maclay lives in Aiken, South Carolina, with her husband, Alan, and children.



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