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Hollywoodaholic: Confessions of a Screenwriter by Alfred Wayne Carter

Hollywoodaholic: Confessions of a Screenwriter

by Alfred Wayne Carter

236 pages
The ups, downs, crazy adventures, and funny observations of a professional screenwriter who worked in Hollywood for more than 15 years. If you ever thought about writing a screenplay, this story's for you.

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About the Book

Everyone who has ever wanted to write or work in Hollywood will want to read Hollywoodaholic: Confessions of a Screenwriter by A. Wayne Carter. These are the personal, funny, and sometimes agonizing adventures of a veteran screenwriter who has worked for the major studios as well as with major directors such as Richard Donner and James Cameron. There are abundant writing lessons to be learned here, but "life" lessons, as well. In fact, this story is not just about "getting in" to Hollywood, but "getting over" it, as well. Readers looking past the material or superficial (i.e., celebrity) for something more meaningful in their lives will find this book truly uplifting. Others will grab their latest screenplay and rush to seek their fame and fortune.

Table of Contents

The Yellow Brick Bug
California Here I Don't Come
New Kid in Town
Playboy of the Western World
Blowing My Bile Along the Nile
Beach Boy (Under a Fog)
Love, Fear and Other Distractions
Two Weeks at War, First Strike
Empty Calories
Summer Play
Send in the Clouds
Raining Up
Escape From Beyond
The Big Time
Birth of a Neurotic
Nothing Succeeds, Like Recess
Plumming the Pits 84
Getting My Kicks From Route
Second Wind
Psychic Interlude
The Dice Man
A Christmas Story
Scripts and Bloods
Slow Poison
Born at a Bris
Toying With Denial
Last Hurrahs
Letting Go
Crop Circles, Truth & Other Distractions
Snapping Out of It
Deadhead for a Day
Shocking Aunt Doris
The Path of Least Resistance
Say Good-bye to Hollywood
Soft Landing
Teacher, Teacher


If you're thinking of being a screenwriter, jamming all your possessions into a subcompact and driving cross country, then it behooves you to read Carter's experiences.
- Tim Clifton, Renaissance Magazine



About the Author
A. Wayne Carter a produced screenwriter who worked in Hollywood for more than 15 years. He has written more than 40 screenplays, selling over a dozen to Universal, Paramount, Fox, HBO, Cannon, CBS, National Lampoon and others. Carter currently lives in Orlando with his wife and son, teaches a college screenwriting course, consults on feature projects, and guest lectures on the topic.



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