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No Weapon Shall Prosper... Standing the Heat In the Kitchen. by Neisha Brown

No Weapon Shall Prosper... Standing the Heat In the Kitchen.

by Neisha Brown

100 pages
Getting yourself hooked up by the right ONE.

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Category: Self Help:Relationships
About the Book

Being in love should be a destiny, not a program. For this young lady, love (the way she used it) was a struggle in life for wanting to have that perfect mate. She was abadoned by loved ones starting as a little girl. She continuously searched for love in all the wrong faces.
So she did what most people do today- she hooked herself up. Some of us allow other people to hook us up and if it isn't in the order of God, there will be HELL to pay.
If you didn't know, now you know.

This book enlightens us to reality; that we no longer have to choose disaster-rather choose life. No Weapon Shall Prosper tells us step by step how to accept God and enjoy what he has for you; a Godly mate. Being saved isn't hard but continuing to struggle by choice, that's a trip. A trip we seem to volunteer to take ourselves.

Come back from that trip and wait on your true mate from God. For he said in his word if we delight ourselves in him and his word, he will give us the desires of our hearts.
Get your desire in order and start raising our children to live righteous; live for God. He also said, train up a child in the way they SHOULD go. The way they should go is to Heaven.

Their destination starts with you as their mentor or parent. The adult's relationship takes a long, strong effect on any child.

In this book, the effect caused this one lady to be burned but also to overcome.

Let's not put our children through the motions. Let's straighten up and live for God starting with the relationship we choose. My motto is this, "Let God hook you up."

Pay for the book - No Weapon Shall Prosper... Standing the Heat In the Kitchen. Don't pay for abuse in any relationship by getting burned for the world. Stand the heat takes some Jesus in your life.

No Weapon Shall Prosper... Standing the Heat In the Kitchen. Purchase the book!



About the Author

I have two children. I've birthed a boy and girl, Christopher and Russelia - both of whom are my life, my heart, my oxygen to breathe and are very precious to me. I am 31 years of age, Born August 27, 1972.

I am called and chosen by God to teach others to overcome and seek God, as a reference to everyday life, especially relationships, such as parenthood and marriage.

God put the faith in me to believe in myself and I Thank him for this faith. I Thank him for opening up my eyes and letting me see the experiences I can share. It lets me know I didn't suffer in vain but God was preparing me to go through the mess to relay a message. He allowed me to pass the test to tell the testimony.

I am here today by the sufficient Grace of God. Once you read my story, my book, the truth, titled No Weapon Shall Prosper … Standing the Heat In the Kitchen all will know that they can overcome; men, women and children. This is the way to get one to come clean without getting all dirty. Praise God for the LIGHT! Turn on the lamp and read the book, NO Weapon Shall Prosper … Standing the Heat In the Kitchen.

Thank You for the opportunity to express,
Ms. Neisha Brown



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