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Structure is Destiny: The Dandelion Paradox by Joel Orr

Structure is Destiny: The Dandelion Paradox

by Joel Orr

220 pages
Pyramids kill; dandelions give life. "Family" is the key.

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About the Book

"Get your life back!" says Joel Orr.

"If you work in an organization structured like a pyramid, you know that pyramids are places where great people are buried," says Dr. Joel Orr in his new book, Structure is Destiny: The Dandelion Paradox.

But what's the alternative to a pyramid? Orr says that companies recognized as great or excellent are project-oriented--and structured, at least in part, to resemble the structure of a well-functioning family--more like a dandelion than a pyramid!

"The kind of organization you're in sets the boundaries for your growth and satisfaction. Pyramids stifle humanity, and Dandelion structures liberate it," Orr says.

Why is that? Because, he says, "Organizations that respect the rights and abilities of their members--that work more like families--prosper, and allow their members to develop and grow. But hierarchical pyramids only want a piece of a person, and disregard the rest of him or her! That leads to trouble," says Orr.

"I use the dandelion as a model for the 'family-plan' kind of organization," says Orr. "And it turns out there's a lot we can learn from this spunky plant--the nemesis of lawn-growers everywhere, just because it is such a successful structure."

The book is full of practical advice on recognizing your situation, and actions you can take to reduce stress and increase productivity.



About the Author
Joel Orr Since 1974, Dr. Joel Orr has been advising organizations large and small about coherence, harmony, and technology. A mathematician by training, Orr has focused on helping people live lives of integrity in the face of accelerating change.



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