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The Adventures of Jimmy Holiday by Thomas Reed

The Adventures of Jimmy Holiday

by Thomas Reed

270 pages
Jimmy and Kat, 13, experience nine unusual adventures on different holidays.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
About the Book

Jimmy and Kat, 13, were just ordinary kids until they met on Christmas Eve while imprisoned inside two ornaments on an evil Christmas tree. The tree's keeper held captive many prisoners. The one good thing that came out of that unexpected experience was that Kat would become his new girlfriend. Jimmy had no idea then, but his life would be quite different from that point forward.

Then New Year's comes around, and time literally stops for everyone except Jimmy and Kat who have little time to solve the mystery of the ring. Valentine's Day approaches and Jimmy resorts to a magic potion to regain Kat's affection; then on St. Patrick's Day, they have a serious run in with a very determined leprechaun who wants what is his. What else could possibly happen to them?

Easter arrives and Jimmy gives Kat a hairless bunny that lays eggs containing diamonds? Memorial Day's submarine ride turns into a journey to another world, and then a mysterious fortuneteller predicts an alien encounter on the Fourth of July. Stranger things continue to happen!

The Halloween sleepover inside a haunted mansion turns really ugly when they meet the original owners and Thanksgiving was no better! A simple hunting trip becomes a fight for survival in a very unusual ant farm.

How do Jimmy and Kat make it through these crazy adventures that seem to follow them from one holiday to the next? You'll have to read Thomas Reed's The Adventure of Jimmy Holiday to find out. It's one exciting adventure after another, a thrill ride more exhilarating than any roller coaster! You won't be able to put this book down.

This book is great fun for readers of all ages because every holiday becomes an adventure. There are nine fun filled adventures that provide the reader with non stop action. This exciting and suspenseful book definitely has an edge. The Adventures of Jimmy Holiday will leave you yearning for more.



About the Author
Thomas Reed Thomas Reed lives with his five children and his lovely wife, Deborah, in Washington State. He has enjoyed writing short stories and sharing them with his children and their friends over the past four years. Now he is sharing Jimmy's adventures with you. Come join the fun!



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